Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inaccurate Negative Statin News Reports


Many newspapers are reporting on new research about statins - this report is typical:

But not according to the most recent review of the many trials investigating their effectiveness, published yesterday. It suggests that for three quarters of those taking them, they offer little or no value, while exposing millions to the hazard of undesirable side-effects.

But this is lousy reporting - the actual research conclusion is: "All cause mortality. coronary heart disease and stroke events were reduced with the use of statins....Taking statins did not increase the risk of adverse effects such as cancer." No mention of undesirable side-effects.

The researchers mainly criticized the quality of the research, and advised exercising caution:

"There was evidence of selective reporting of outcomes, failure to report adverse events and inclusion of people with cardiovascular disease. Only limited evidence showed that primary prevention with statins may be cost effective and improve patient quality of life. "

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