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Jon's Health Tips

A dear friend, only 85 years old, healthy and physically and mentally active (golf, tennis, bridge) has developed serious signs of mental decline. This has alarmed me sufficiently to review what recent research says about this:

Avoiding Dementia Part I

Avoiding Dementia Part II

Avoiding Dementia Part III

I'll drink to that (and I do)

Alcohol consumption lowers the risk of several types of cancer

Many observational epidemiologic studies have found an inverse association between alcohol consumption and hematological cancers (such as lymphoma and leukemia)... The key findings are that alcohol consumption appears to lower the risk of several types of lymphoma and plasma cell neoplasms, but has little effect on the risk of myeloid tumours such as acute myeloid leukaemia.

I am happy I take resveratrol

Resveratrol Could Be Key to Fighting Prostate Cancer

Resveratrol, a compound found commonly in grape skins and red wine, has been shown to have several beneficial effects on human health, including cardiovascular health and stroke prevention. Now, a University of Missouri researcher has discovered that the compound can make prostate tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment, increasing the chances of a full recovery from all types of prostate cancer, including aggressive tumors.

I am happy I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables:

The more fruit and vegetables consumed, the greater the mental wellbeing.

I'm going to take grape seed extract on my next cruise:
Grape Seed Extract Bollixes Norovirus

Norovirus causes more than half of all food-born illnesses in the United States. A recent study found that grape seed extract could reduce the infectivity of Norovirus surrogates (Norovirus surrogates are viruses that share pathological and/or biological features with human norovirus).

A friend and reader of my health reports is worried about contracting prostate cancer and asked what diet would be best to fight off prostate cancer. Here are the research reports I looked at in this regard:

Avoiding Prostate Cancer

I'm glad I take a statin:

Statins Tied To Reduced Cancer Deaths

A new study from Denmark found that people who regularly used statins to lower cholesterol and then received a cancer diagnosis were 15% less likely to die from cancer or any other cause than cancer patients who had never used statins.

I'm glad I have no visible signs of aging (not these anyhow):

Telltale visible signs of aging may predict heart disease

In a new study, those who had three to four aging signs — receding hairline at the temples, baldness at the head’s crown, earlobe crease, or yellow fatty deposits around the eyelid (xanthelasmata) — had a 57 percent increased risk for heart attack and a 39 percent increased risk for heart disease .

I'm glad I get quite a bit of exercise and wish I could get even more:

Physical activity and gain in life expectancy

For those who did the equivalent to 150 min of brisk walking per week--the basic amount of physical activity currently recommended by the federal government--the gain in life expectancy was 3.4 years. These benefits were seen in both men and women, and among white and black participants. Importantly, they were also observed among persons who were normal weight, overweight, and obese. Participants faring best were those who were both normal weight and active: among normal weight persons who were active at the level recommended by the federal government, researchers observed a gain in life expectancy of 7.2 years.

Also interesting:


Individuals who do not obtain recommended intake levels of calcium through dietary sources can safely utilize calcium supplements to achieve optimal bone health, an expert panel concludes.

Emerging evidence suggests many pregnant women are deficient in omega-3

Low levels of omega-3 may be behind postpartum depression, according to a review lead by Gabriel Shapiro of the University of Montreal and the Research Centre at the Sainte-Justine Mother and Child Hospital. Women are at the highest risk of depression during their childbearing years, and the birth of a child may trigger a depressive episode in vulnerable women. Postpartum depression is associated with diminished maternal health as well as developmental and health problems for her child.

Milk-drinking kids reap physical benefits later in life

Starting a milk drinking habit as a child can lead to lifelong benefits, even improving physical ability and balance in older age, according to new research.


If you have optimal heart health in middle age, you may live up to 14 years longer, free of cardiovascular disease, than your peers who have two or more cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

New Studies Reinforce Stand On Limiting Sodium

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