Friday, December 20, 2013

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Some recent posts:

Chewing Gum is Often the Culprit for Migraine Headaches in Teens

Children's Health and Welfare

*Study finds that 87 percent of teens who quit chewing experience significant relief* Teenagers are notorious for chewing a lot of gum. The lip smacking, bubble popping, discarded gum stuck to the sole give teachers and parents a headache. Now, Dr. Nathan Watemberg of Tel Aviv University-affiliated Meir Medical Center has found that gum-chewing teenagers, and younger children as well, are giving themselves headaches too. His findings, published in Pediatric Neurology, could help treat countless cases of migraine and tension headaches in adolescents without the need for additional... more »

Physicians who prefer hospice care for themselves more likely to discuss it with patients

Hospice Care Research
*Despite preferences for their own care, many physicians still delay hospice discussions with patients* Although the vast majority of physicians participating in a multiregional study indicated that they would personally enroll in hospice care if they received a terminal cancer diagnosis, less than one-third would discuss hospice care early in the course of treating a terminally ill cancer patient. A research letter published online in *JAMA Internal Medicine *also identifies factors that increased the likelihood that physicians would choose hospice care for themselves and examine...

Junk food and poor oral health increase risk of premature heart disease

Dental News Report

The association between poor oral health and increased risk of cardiovascular disease should make the reduction of sugars such as those contained in junk food, particularly fizzy drinks, an important health policy target, say experts writing in the *Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine*. Poor oral hygiene and excess sugar consumption can lead to periodontal disease where the supporting bone around the teeth is destroyed. It is thought that chronic infection from gum disease can trigger an inflammatory response that leads to heart disease through a process called atherosclerosi... more

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