Thursday, December 7, 2006

Free Medicine Foundation Helps Patients Taking Costly Cholesterol Drugs

Free Medicine Foundation Helps Patients Taking Costly Cholesterol Drugs Receive Prescription Assistance

People with high cholesterol or a history of heart problems, concerned over how to pay for their prescription medication now have a resource to help them: Free Medicine Foundation. Although free medicine assistance has been around for more than 50 years, most people have never heard about and do not know how to apply for free medicine. Free Medicine Foundation's mission is to inform the media and the public of assistance that may be available to thousands of Americans who don't even realize they qualify for such help.

People with bad cholesterol, or LDL, know that can be inherited from their family members with a history of heart problems or can be a result of their body chemistry. It can also be the result of a diet high in saturated fats, lack of exercise or diabetes. Changing one's diet and losing weight help in reducing high cholesterol levels, but many people also need to take medicine to keep their bad cholesterol levels down. That's where Free Medicine Foundation can help.

Many lipid-lowering treatments are available for free or low-cost. The following medicines may be available through a free or low-cost plan located through Free Medicine Foundation: Lipitor, Zocor, Vytorin, Lescol, Altocor, Mevacor, Simvastatin, Aspirin and Pravastatin, Atorvastatin, Atromid-S, Clofibrate, Ezetimibe, Fluvastatin, Gemfibrozil, Lescol XL, Lopid, Lopid Tablets, Lovastatin, Pravigard Pac, Zetia and hundreds more. Patients can apply for as many medicines as they need; there is no limit. Keep in mind that prescription assistance is available for most all medications.

Free Medicine Foundation works tirelessly to match patients with hundreds of free or low-cost available programs by scouring available medicine assistance plans to find plans that match applicant needs. "Since our inception, we have helped countless families across the nation completely eliminate or substantially reduce their prescription drug bills," says Cindy Randolph, spokesperson for the Free Medicine Foundation organization. "Although we cannot guarantee your approval, if you believe you may qualify to participate, we will be diligent in our efforts to assist you. Past results have proven our program successful."

This program is for those who are falling through the cracks financially, and make just enough money so they don't qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford a prescription coverage plan or to buy their own medications. Keep in mind these programs are not just for poor people. For people who find it a hardship to buy their medicines, should apply for prescription assistance.

Drug sponsors recognize that sometimes exceptions need to be made based on a patient's individual circumstances. Individuals who do not meet these criteria may still qualify if both they and their physicians attest that the patients have special circumstances of financial and medical hardship, and their incomes are below an established limit. With each medication, the income criteria varies from below the poverty level up to $39,200 for individuals, $52,800 for couples, and as high as $80,000 for a family of four.

Upon approval, brand-name free medicines typically arrive in two to three weeks, sent directly to the patient's home, or a coupon is given to take to a local pharmacy or sent to the doctor's office, typically in a 90-day supply. These programs can provide an ongoing lifetime supply of free medication. If the patient is not approved, and receives no medicine assistance, Free Medicine Foundation refunds the full processing fee per no risk money back guarantee. The patient has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

3.4 million seniors will enter the uninsured "donut hole" and start paying the next $2,850 out of their own pockets. Free Medicine Foundation can help cut this cost by over 90%. Pet medicines are also available through low-cost assistance programs.

Caregivers, churches and social organizations are encouraged to utilize Free Medicine Foundation's services. Volunteers are needed to help spread the word to those who cannot afford the high costs of prescription medication. Send Free Medicine Foundation an e-mail or call 1-573-996-3333 to request a free supply of brochure-enrollment forms that are designed to provide the patient/applicant with information and an application for the program. Patients can apply directly online or print the application in English or Spanish. Free Medicine Foundation requires a one-time refundable $5 processing fee for each medication requested.

For patients who require ongoing cholesterol lipid-lowering treatments, Free Medicine Foundation can be a lifesaver. To learn more, apply or request a free brochure visit:

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