Friday, June 26, 2009

Latest Health Research Summary

There's an awful lot of interesting new health research published this week –the most exciting to me was the news that Overweight People Live Longest! My weight has always been pointed out as an increased health risk, and is probably the reason I try to do everything possible to protect my health (except lose weight, which I simply cannot seem to do, and even if I could, I am convinced that I would gain it back soon anyhow.) It’s great to know that it’s not such a problem after all – now if I could only convince my life insurance company.

Other new, not such good news: eating white bread and other high glycemic products can give you a heart attack.

Selenium can prevent prostate cancer, or make it worse, confirming other research that has suggested that antioxidants could be protective if you don't have cancer, but once you do, then antioxidants may be a bad thing, but green tea fights prostate cancer.

Just when I thought I had found a viable alternative to statins more evidence comes to light about all the great things statins do, (in addition to their main function of reducing cholesterol and thus preventing heart attacks), like:
fighting liver cancer and gall bladder disease,

improving lung function
and urologic health
now we find that statins fight Alzeihemer’s.

I had previously written about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet here and here.

Now new research focuses in on what parts of the diet are actually beneficial:
“Eating more vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses (beans, peas and lentils) and olive oil, and drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, while not consuming a lot of meat or excessive amounts of alcohol is linked to people living longer.

However, the study also claims, that following a Mediterranean diet high in fish, seafood and cereals and low in dairy products were not indicators of longevity.”

There’s a new wonder supplement that makes you more fit without exercise: Quercitin (but watch out, its an anti-oxidant)

I have written often about the benefits of Vitamin D, including here and here.

But here’s even more new research:

Vitamin D may go beyond its traditionally known role in maintaining bone integrity. It may play a role in preventing autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, , some types of cancer (breast, ovarian, colorectal and prostate), types I and II diabetes—possibly even schizophrenia...
Research also shows a correlation between high vitamin D status and improved lower body muscle function in men and women over 60 years old.”

And last, and yes, least, in addition to its other health benefits, drinking black coffee fights bad breath.

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