Monday, June 10, 2019

Reducing obesity-related cancers

How will new added-sugar nutrition labeling affect cancer cases?
A new modeling study estimates that, based on changes in consumer behavior, the soon-to-be-implemented added-sugar labeling on all U.S. packaged foods could prevent 35,500 new obesity-related cancer cases and 16,700 cancer deaths over a lifetime in the U.S. The policy would also save an estimated $1.4 billion in direct medical costs. After taking into consideration additional savings from patient time and productivity loss as well as policy implementation costs from both the government and industry, the policy would save an estimated $0.5 billion in total costs from the society level. Industry reformulations would likely add to the prevented cancer cases and health care cost savings.

Would taxing sugar-sweetened beverages save health-care costs?
A new study estimates that a national tax of 1 cent per ounce of sugar-sweetened beverage could prevent around 17,000 new obesity-associated cancers cases and 10,000 cancer deaths. This modeling study estimates that this tax would save $2.4 billion in lifetime medical costs for 13 types of cancer. The largest health benefits were for endometrial, kidney and liver cancer.

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